• Supporting awareness of self, others and nature
  • Supporting authentic connection as a community, with nature and with self
  • Nurturing compassion and care for self, each other and nature
  • Through wellbeing and holistic support, yoga, meditation, creative expression and forest school


Community groups


The Free Spirit Centre in North Norfolk is a holistic centre for one to one healing and group healing sessions. The Free Spirit School is held in the grounds with its rich and diverse fauna and flora. You will find a magical and blissful space with a lovely pond with a boat, a meditation room, grass to run on, a wooded area for dens, a fire circle.. we also have a chill out room and the lovely Free Spirit Workshop room.

Flow of the sessions

  • Sessions run on Thursdays beginning on the 26th May 10- 2pm for 6 weeks. These are community sessions so the children are accompanied by their guardians.
  • We open with uplifting circle connection activities (yoga, meditation, laughing yoga, sharing, creative expression, brain gym), facing the blissful pond.
  • The day unfurls joyfully connecting with nature, each other and ourselves through free play, creative and nature based activities.
  • We enjoy refreshments together (bring a mug!) and picnic together.
  • As the group evolves there will be shared lunch and soup made over the fire.
  • After more free exploration in this beautiful natural setting we will close in circle sharing and welcoming contribution from the community as our sessions blossom


The Free Spirit Centre has been nurtured into being through Hannah, a qualified and insured; kinesiologist, meditation facilitator, yoga teacher, artist. Hannah supports those called through Free Spirit one to one sessions, group meditation sessions and retreats.


Hannah founded The Free Spirit Network in 2012 and regularly supports the local and wider global community to come together to realise our inherent connection.
In 2015 she founded The Free Spirit School to support the community to come together to connect with each other, nature and with self. Over 5 years she held circles, workshops and invited workshop leaders to create a flourishing and joyful community.

The Free Spirit School has been featured in publications such as The Green Parent and Wildlings.

Whilst living in France Hannah supported the local community through nature nest sessions, holding community circle activities out in the wild.

She is currently completing her Forest School Level 3 Leader qualification and this series of 6 sessions will form her baseline assessment. She will be exploring ways to gently introduce the forest school ethos, skills and understanding and how this benefits the community and impacts all the learners.

Your involvement

The Free Spirit School will be welcoming about 12-15 children and their families. These are a series of community sessions, so the children are accompanied by their guardian/ family. The children remain the legal responsibility of the guardians during the sessions. We ask that if possible you commit to all 6 Thursday sessions so you receive the full benefits of this community offering.


Here at The Free Spirit Centre we offer in exchange for donation. Cash can be offered on the day or payed via bank transfer (please request this information by email)


A blossoming, joyful and vibrant community based on authentic connection, realising our inherent connection to others, nature and self.

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